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100 Go Mistakes

In 2022, I published my first (and last) book: 100 Go Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.


If you're a Go developer looking to improve your skills, this book is for you. With a focus on practical examples, 100 Go Mistakes and How to Avoid Them covers a wide range of topics from concurrency and error handling to testing and code organization. You'll learn to write more idiomatic, efficient, and maintainable code and become a proficient Go developer.

Krystian (Goodreads user)

This is an exceptional book. Usually, if a book contains either high-quality explanations or is written succinctly, I consider myself lucky to have found it. This one combines these two characteristics, which is super rare. It's another Go book for me and I still had quite a lot of "a-ha!" moments while reading it, and all of that without the unnecessary fluff, just straight to the point.

Akash Chetty

The book is completely exceptional, especially the examples carved out for each topic are really great. There is one topic that I struggled to understand is Concurrency but the way it is explained in this book is truly an art of genius.

Neeraj Shah

This should be the required reading for all Golang developers before they touch code in Production... It's the Golang equivalent of the legendary 'Effective Java' by Joshua Bloch.

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