Teiva Harsanyi

Teiva Harsanyi

Senior Software Engineer at Google

Current status: Building a RISC-V virtual processor in Go (github.com/teivah/majorana).

I'm a software engineer specializing in distributed systems, scalability, reliability, and observability topics. I have extensive experience designing, implementing, and operating reliable systems. Meanwhile, I love meeting challenges, learning, and sharing.

My life philosophy relies on 改善 (Kaizen, ‘change for better’). In a nutshell, it’s not important how fast you can be; what’s essential is to improve continuously. I strive to apply this philosophy to my personal and professional life, constantly seeking to learn and grow.

I have 12 years of experience in software engineering. I’m currently working at Google as a senior software engineer SRE in the ML Compute team. Before that, I worked in different companies. At Docker, I was a software engineer in the registry team, maintaining systems like Docker registry, Hub & search. At Beat, I was a staff engineer in the matching domain, where I designed, implemented, and operated critical services with a strong focus on reliability and observability. At Utility Warehouse, I refactored the company’s notification platform from a distributed monolith to a microservice paradigm leading to an elastic architecture and an average latency reduction of +90%. At SkySoft-ATM, I worked in a safety-critical environment in the context of the Swiss air navigation service provider, where I designed, proposed, and implemented the company's central data repository used to store and compute flight events. Before, I worked as a tech lead and architect at Axa and Airbus Helicopters.

In 2022, I published a book called 100 Go Mistakes and How to Avoid Them. This book shows common programming mistakes in Go and how to fix them using idiomatic code. So far, it has a pretty cool note of 4.7/5 (avg on Amazon, Goodreads, and Manning), and I’m delighted that it helped that many people (over 8k copies sold, translated in five languages). Meanwhile, I keep writing on my blog (50+ posts, ~800k visits).

Last but not least, I'm also an open-source enthusiast (GitHub) and a public speaker (my talks).